Feb 182012

Hey /r/faimprovement, I feel like I hit a true milestone tonight. If you’ve been reading my stories up til now, you’ll know I’ve kissed a few girls, but each of those times, it was really all ‘circumstantial’ …like we kissed because it felt right at the time — not necessarily because there was raw attraction. Tonight […]

Feb 062012

I have noticed a pattern in my line of thinking when I go out and socialize and have a good night vs. a bad night. I categorize a good night as approaching people and others being receptive to me…People approaching me — I’m feeling great, flirting, and asking girls for numbers and getting them. A […]

Feb 022012

Hi again – it’s been a while since I posted an update. A lot has happened, so I’ll do a brief recap of each one. Christmas Eve — I went out alone (what? how?). I’m Jewish and I found out a few days before that there is something called a Matzo Ball where a good number […]


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