Feb 092012

I struggled with this in the past — if you meet a girl you’d like to see again, how do you get a date with her?

Well, for one, you could just go up to her, call her, or text her to schedule a date. But I know Forever Alones, and as simple and easy as this is…It’s just difficult for Forever Alones to grow the balls necessary to do this. Eventually you will get here. I just recently got there myself, but it does take time.

Here is the method that Forever Alones can use to ask girls out without totally freaking out and making a big deal about it (FAs typically make a bigger deal about things than they need to). But first, real quick…You are asking the girl out – there is no way around that. It’s not like you snap your fingers and she wants to go on a date with you – but the way you’re doing it isn’t as nerve-wracking as saying “Hey let’s go out”.

Enough delay, here’s what you’re going to do:

Find something you want to do. Even better if you can get 2 or 3 of your friends to do the activity with you. The important thing here is that it has to be something you are willing to do by yourself. If the activity is something that you would not do if your date was not there, than do not consider it an option. Do not concern yourself with making her happy. Make yourself happy and if she wants to tag along, then all the better. If not, then you are still doing an activity that you want to do anyway.

Now here’s an important part. If you get 2 or 3 friends to do the activity with you, do not tell her that your friends are coming. This is extremely important.

Just text her, “Hey, I’m going to watch the super bowl at [insert place here]. you should join up.” or whatever activity it is that you’re going to do. This method makes it seem like you’re doing something fun and you’re not asking her out, but if she wants to, she can join you.

If she agrees, then awesome — you have a date. If she doesn’t, follow through on your activity anyway because it’s something you’re doing for yourself! Not for her! If you completed Step 1 you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Assuming she accepts the date, you’ll feel more comfortable because you’re doing something you enjoy — making you seem cooler and more attractive. You’ll become calmer and more comfortable around her as well, so that you won’t be so scared to set up another date.

There you go. Have fun!

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