Mar 272012

I need to make this post because I see an increasing amount of awful advice in [1] /r/foreveralone and other subreddits where some guy has been friendzoned by their crush and doesn’t know what to do. So the hivemind in these subreddits say, “tell her how you feel! tell her how much you love her and how much […]

Mar 262012

It’s 12:15am, and I’m drunk, but I need to write this up while it’s all still fresh in my mind. So I’m a big fan of the show Mad Men and was very much looking forward to the Season 5 premiere tonight. So I was thinking…I can watch this alone, laying on my bed…Or, I […]

Mar 252012

From the Improv Handbook…Keep this in mind the next time you are scared to approach a girl. Children approach playing games, or doing exercises or being given the chance to try something new, very differently from adults. Children approach these situations with one mission, and that mission is to have lots of turns. They sometimes actually […]


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