Mar 102012

Hi all. Here’s another update from tonight. It’s 2:21am so bear with me.

I go out alone (again) to a concert I’ve been looking forward to. Just wanted to go and have a good time. The crowd is a much older crowd given the music I’m into, but there’s the 2 or 3 others my age roaming around. I wasn’t in the mood to approach anyone though so I didn’t think anything was going to happen — even though this one girl caught my eye.

The cute girl and I stood next to each other for like 90 minutes until the break. Our bodies kept bumping into each other as we moved to the beat, but I was still too chickenshit to do anything. Break comes and I step on something…It’s an iPhone. I pick it up and turn to her and ask her if the phone is hers. It is — so that was my opener (as cheap and lucky as it was…Hey, you’ll take what you can get).

It dawns on me that this girl is high as a kite. I’ve never smoked weed in my life, but I don’t judge those that do — it’s a personal choice and that’s cool. But the conversation was actually going okay. I was initiating a lot of kino (touching), but she wasn’t really reciprocating. Her other body language was open though and she was laughing at some of my jokes. Trying to pick up on indicators of interest was tricky because I wasn’t sure if the girl’s current altered state of consciousness would change how it all normally works.

The show starts back up again and she kind of gets away from me. Now, if a girl is into you, it’s not likely she’ll just walk away and not hang with you for the rest of the time, but that’s what this girl did. So I let it go, but eventually I kind of snuck my way up near her, but her friend was inbetween us and she wasn’t making any effort to come to me. Game over.

It’s the final song of the night and it’s about half way over when she leans in to me and asks me if I like the song or not. Interesting. I say yeah, and then I grab her hand and say, “wanna dance?”

She pulls back and shakes her head no. I say alright and give her a playful shove and turn my back to listen to the music again. 10 seconds later she leans in to me again and says, “I kinda do actually, but no.” …I have no idea what this means and was hoping some of you could help decipher it. Like she did want to dance with me, but didn’t feel comfortable in the environment? Granted, no one else was really dancing. …I don’t know…I was all confused. Can’t figure this girl out at all.

When the concert was over and people started filing out, I took a chance and asked her if she wanted to keep in contact. She responded with a definitive yes. Very cool. We exchange numbers and I texted her just now when I got back. She responded.

Hopefully I can turn this into a date!

EDIT: We texted Sunday and Monday, but this girl definitely isn’t a good fit for me. She might be forever alone herself, I don’t know, but the texts were too strange for me. I’m not going to post the convo here, but if you want to see it, PM me. You’ll see how I text girls and you might get some ideas yourself.


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