May 272012

I’m going to outline what commonly happens when I have a successful cold approach that results in getting a number or a kiss. Obviously, this is just my style and other people have their own way of doing this. I’m not trying to create an army of former Forever Alones that read my content as […]

May 242012

Thanks to Cromulency on our subreddit, he posted links to an 11 part journal series written by a Berkley girl on OkCupid titled, “Dating for Nice Guys”. The posts were a big hit and has some great advice as to why “Nice Guys” just aren’t attracting women romantically and what you need to do to get […]

May 232012

Guest post by Khellendos Whenever we examine our lives, we examine them from a particular side or angle. Most of us tend to favor one side over the others. For example, those of us who are stuck in the forever-alone mindset often tend to look at things from an emotional perspective rather than a logical perspective, […]

May 222012

This is another Shakedown “original”…Meaning, I highly doubt you will see this on any seduction site or what-not. So you saw it here first! Anyway, I read the Improv Handbook (also listed in Books and Resources), and in the book they describe a large number of fun improv games to play. I found that one of […]

May 162012

This is in response to a question by meh_mediocre regarding being introverted and how it affects our self-improvement. Hey this is a great question. I, myself, am very introverted. I took some personality test and I was like 90% introverted or something ridiculous like that. I’m sure most everyone here can relate. We do feel most […]


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