May 162012

For anyone who has been following my story, I’ve been seeing this girl who I met at the Mad Men season 5 premiere party. The story of that night and the first date we had are here and here.

I just dumped her. Why is this significant? Well, she was the first ‘girlfriend’ I’ve ever had, and therefore the first girl I’ve ever broken up with. It wasn’t a serious relationship, as we’d only been seeing each other for 7 weeks, but still. This was a learning experience.

First of all, it sucked majorly. I asked to see her and I took her on a walk down to the Lincoln Memorial area. I felt really bad. She is a great girl with some wonderful qualities. But the thing is, I just wasn’t feeling that emotional connection. We were two very different people that didn’t mesh well (in my perspective). I thought it best to end the relationship because it wouldn’t be fair to her for me to keep it going if I wasn’t emotionally invested in the first place. She was crying a lot.

This is important for my self-improvement. As Forever Alones, we often would die for the chance at a relationship like this. We would stick it out because we need that validation from women. We need women to approve of us in order to feel better about ourselves. That is why Forever Alones who do get into relationships are always afraid to get out of them. They end up sticking themselves in awful relationships because they feel that’s the best and only chance they’ll get at human connection. But I am not Forever Alone anymore. I derive happiness from within myself and not based on women. I am single and I am coming from an abundance mentality. I can, and will, find another girl. And when I do, hopefully it will work out better then.


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