May 222012

This is another Shakedown “original”…Meaning, I highly doubt you will see this on any seduction site or what-not. So you saw it here first!

Anyway, I read the Improv Handbook (also listed in Books and Resources), and in the book they describe a large number of fun improv games to play. I found that one of these games is fun to play with people at happy hours and it can kind of show what’s on their mind at the moment. You can even do this to a whole group of people simultaneously. Get ready to play this yourself. Here we go.

There is a box in front of you and you pick it up. Now you are holding it in your hands. Imagine what the size of the box is, the texture of the box. Get a feel for the weight of the box. Is it heavy? Light? Shake the box around a little. You can kind of feel something inside of it, but you don’t know what it is. Now set the box back down and slowly open the lid. The lid is opening more and more…And now the box is open. You look inside. WHAT IS IN IT??? RIGHT NOW!!!!! BLURT IT OUT!

The responses are usually pretty funny because it’s the first thing off the top of their head. I’ve heard various responses ranging from a cue ball, human head, iPhone, ball of energy. Some are very descriptive. We laugh about it and talk about how or why they might have chosen what was in their box.

So what was in your box?




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