May 312012

Tomorrow is June 1st. I promised myself that I will work my ass off this summer to get in some decent shape. As you can see from the photo, I’m less than “defined”, but most of all, I’m so out of shape. I can’t run any significant distance without feeling faint or getting completely out of shape. I was doing well for a while in the mid-winter, but this spring, after I got a girlfriend, I completely let myself go. Now that she’s gone, I want to start working out again. So I’m not posting these in the forum. It’s more for me and holding myself accountable.

Height: 5 ft, 10 in.

Weight: 171 pounds

I think it’s important to have defined goals. My goal is to drop 11 pounds to get down to 160, but most importantly, drop fat and build muscle. So, if I don’t drop any pounds, but replace my fat with muscle, I’ll be fine with that.

I am going to schedule my workouts week by week. Planning further ahead than that is unrealistic. I downloaded the Taebo Cardio workout and already did it Wednesday and Thursday (today), but I will consider those ‘unofficial’.

Week 1 Plan:

6/1: Cardio

6/2: Weights

6/3: Weekly hockey game

6/4: Rest

6/5: Cardio

6/6: Weights

6/7: Taebo Cardio

I will post every week with my next weekly plan and a weight update. In 30 days, I’ll post a new pic.




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