Jun 142012

It’s been two weeks since I started the summer session and I’ve been working out well. Lots of running and cardio, but not much lifting. Time to change that — my school card expired and I have to get it renewed. Hopefully I can get that done today so I can get access back to the gym. No idea what I weigh.

Anyway, I read a Reddit post about life hacks or something and the OP said his life was a lot better having woken up at 6am and getting to work 3 hours later. Admittedly, I fucking hate mornings more than anything. I wake up at 845 and get to work at 930. I feel like shit when I get to work and it takes me a couple hours to get into the groove.

Not this morning. After reading that post, I woke up at 7am. Ran 3 miles. Came back and felt freaking great. Got to work and was kicking ass immediately. Mornings are definitely better because if I only limit myself to times when I get back from work, it gives me opportunities to cop out with bullshit excuses. “I’m too tired from work today” or “gee, there’s a happy hour after work. I can skip this workout.” With morning workouts, that doesn’t happen.

Going to try and keep this up.


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