Jun 222012

The day I started the Stronglifts 5×5 routine, I also purchased another book. The book is called Muscle Chow and it details a 2 month diet plan with a bunch of recipes. I’ve been following it for a week now and I already just feel better. It’s all about eating right and eating healthy. Making the most of your meals. However, this diet really only works if you have a significant lifting routine which is why the Muscle Chow + Stronglifts combination is so effective.

The general plan is divided up into 3 phases. It starts off with the Relaxed Phase which lasts one week. You start thinking healthier and make a bunch of the recipes in the book. Begin keeping a food journal (this has been super helpful to me), and planning meals ahead of time. In the Relaxed phase, if you cheat a little, that’s fine. Pizza? Sure, go ahead. Just don’t go too crazy.

Next phase is Lean Phase that lasts 5 weeks. This is more restricted, but if you do your best to adhere to the guidelines, you’ll start feeling a lot better.

The final phase is Ripped Phase, for 2 weeks. This is very restricted and you can only eat the meals in Muscle Chow that are tagged with “Ripped”. The author admits this is the hardest two weeks, but if you make it through, this is when you’ll see the most success.

And that brings me to my last comment. I’m giving up alcohol. Just went one week without alcohol which is unheard of for me. I’ve gone to 3 bars this week and each time I just drank water. And let me tell you, so far I couldn’t be happier with the decision. For me, getting in state has nothing to do with alcohol. I can be drunk and be completely out of state, or I can be totally sober and at a high state level. Drinking makes me tired and I can’t last as long throughout the night. Besides, it’s bad for my diet.

I am officially done with alcohol.

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