Jun 232012

Another great theme that is discussed in the Blueprint Decoded is the notion of “giving value” and “taking value”. This is all excellent inner game stuff right here that I’m going to briefly explain. This is not a new or novel concept, but it is extremely important and about time I talk about it.

Let’s say you show up to a party, bar, social gathering, or whatever and there are people everywhere. You want to meet people right? Hopefully yes. Well if you want to get involved and socialize, you have to be a value giver. What is a value giver? When you approach an individual or a group, you have to bring something with you that adds to the interaction. Now it’s about to get really meta, so stick with me. What do you bring? You bring yourself. Well how does this help you? Let’s dig a little deeper.

The core of inner game is that you build yourself from the inside out. You begin to internalize themes like confidence, motivation, masculinity, and positive energy. You are awesome. You live in your own reality.

When you have strong inner game as described above, when you see someone or a group, you will genuinely believe that the person or group will actually be better and happier with you as a part of it. You are giving value because you are so awesome that it is obvious they would want to meet you. This is inner game. And if you have it, you are being very attractive.

Let’s look at the flip side. How many of us former Forever Alones have said to ourselves, “It takes a lot of energy to be social and to approach that group. What am I going to get out of it if I do?” As a former Forever Alone, you need to shift away from this value taking mindset. You are already thinking about how that social interaction is going to benefit you rather than how you will benefit the group. Approaching with this mindset will make you much less attractive overall. And if you are thinking that you have nothing to give the group, then you very much need to work on inner game.

Everyone is capable of being a value giver. The only one stopping you is scumbag brain. You are the only one holding you back. You are your own worst enemy. Think about being a value giver and inner game.






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  1. […] Atlas Shrugged acts as a vehicle for Ayn Rand’s philosophy. To summarize, self-interest, self-preservation, individualism, and the drive to make money is actually good for society as a whole. The novel speaks of characters who are “men of action” vs. “the looters”. Men who produce vs. men who sit idly by for handouts. Men who want to be the best they can be vs. men who want to cut others down so that there may be equality. You may agree or disagree with Ayn Rand’s philosophy, but as I read, I notice parallels between the book and my own life. Readers of ShakedownLab would note some of these previous comparisons as analogous to “value givers vs. value takers”. […]


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