Jul 312012
Two month workout progress report and comparison photos

So my last summer 2012 post was the last progress report a month ago. If you’ve been following the summer 2012 workout posts, I apologize for my lack of updates, but there hasn’t really been any change. I’ve been cruising steadily through my Stronglift 5×5 workouts and haven’t missed a single scheduled workout day. I’m […]

Jul 242012
Tried to friendzone this girl, but ended up with make out

I’m not even going to post this in our subreddit because it’s kind of getting ridiculous. I don’t want to inundate the subreddit with my “field reports” as /r/seduction would call them. So this post is a bonus for all those who cruise the blog and come across it by chance. Anyway, there’s this other […]

Jul 212012
Mindset of a champion vs. the mindset of a forever alone

I was cruising /r/fitness today and came across this thread about videos, movies, and documentaries about fitness and lifting. Obviously, the top rated comment is Pumping Iron. That link to Pumping Iron is the full documentary on Youtube and it is absolutely amazing. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and bodybuilding’s coveted Mr. Olympia competition in 1975. […]

Jul 202012
On Not Giving a Fuck and why it is an attractive quality

One of my favorite subreddits is /r/howtonotgiveafuck. I advise you all to subscribe to that subreddit because it really is awesome. I want to make a post now about “Not Giving a Fuck” and why / how it is an extremely attractive quality in a man. But first, this doesn’t mean you can’t be an […]

Jul 162012
Establishing a rhythm. Another first date, kiss close.

As a result of Operation Social Circle, I have had a number of first dates lined up. I posted what happened with other first date last week. We’ve only texted each other a few times since then and haven’t scheduled a second meet. I’m calling that one dead, especially if she’s headed back to North […]

Jul 162012
Building a social circle part I: Number close men

I started my journey to self improvement on October 1st, 2011. For all this time as you may know from reading this blog, I have been focusing on learning how to make myself more confident and attractive towards women. But something has changed dramatically in the last month and I would like to write out […]


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