Jul 022012

So it has been officially one month since I started the Summer Session 2012 health binge/workout. Thanks to everyone who has been following along so far. The last month has been nothing short of incredible in terms of what I have learned and how I feel. I have never felt as healthy as I do right now in my entire life. I’ve given up alcohol (for now at least) and I cook almost all of my own food. I’m lifting, loving my routine, and haven’t missed a single workout.

From June 1st to June 14th I did almost exclusively cardio. A lot of running and Taebo. Didn’t really have a diet plan at all. Then I bought Muscle Chow and began the Stronglifts 5×5 workout routine. The last two weeks have been incredible.

Attached are the June 1st -> July 1st comparison photos. I feel like I’ve made some results, but with only 2 weeks of diet and lifting, and I can do even better come August 1st.




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