Jul 182012

My second date with this girl just ended. You can read about how I met her and how the first date went by clicking here. There’s a few things I learned here that I’d like to share with you all.

As I mentioned in the other post, I have great 1st date ideas and 3rd date ideas. But what about the second date? You clearly did well enough to earn this second date, but it still feels like you have a lot of pressure riding on it. But let me add, there is significant less pressure if you kiss-close on the first date. This is why I always try to go for the kiss on the first date. No matter what, you have to try. You get rejected, so what? Okay, so I decided to take her to dinner. But if you’ve been following my blog here, you would know that I try to do things a little differently than what all the other guys do.

I take her to an Ethiopian restaurant, Das Ethiopia, in Georgetown. This idea was brilliant and let me tell you why. If you’ve never had Ethiopian food, this is how it works; You are given a large plate with all of your food on it. Yours and hers. Underneath the food is a fermented bread. You pick off pieces of the fermented bread and scoop up the food with your fingers. There are no utensils at all and you are sharing the food between the two of you. You can even feed each other if you are feeling good vibes from her. This is just excellent rapport and bonding right here. Also, be super nice to the servers. I am like the nicest person in the world when the servers come over. I joke with them and act really appreciative of their service. I usually have them laughing. You do this in front of your date and you’ll just be an even more awesome person to her.

Besides, not many people have actually had Ethiopian food, so it will be a new experience for her. Also, Ethiopian food is extremely tasty. Give it a shot. Look for some local Ethiopian restaurant and check it out.

Okay, so my Ethiopian recommendation aside, we have a nice dinner. I paid for it, no problem. It was a great dinner and we learned a lot more about each other.

We then leave and go for a walk. We walk around campus and end up a couple blocks away from my place. I ask her if she wants to come up to my apartment. She hesitates, so I throw in

You can only stay for a little while though, because I have to wake up in the morning.

She wants to go up.

Turns out she’s a huge Mad Men fan which is awesome. She’s almost done with season 2 so I put on Netflix and the next episode for her. At this point, we’re sitting on our futon and she’s all over me while watching the episode. I mean, we know where this is going. Episode ends. We have sex.

We take a shower together afterwards and then I walk her back to the metro station. We tentatively planned for Saturday so we’ll see what happens. I’m still not sure if I want to pursue a relationship with her. I mean, I’ve never had so many potential girls before. It would be hard to just become exclusive right now when I have all these options. I have to remind myself not to make the same mistake as I did with the last girl by not setting expectations early.

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