Jul 272012

It’s Friday, work is slow and I just want to reiterate some things.

She is not better than you are. 

  1. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about. That girl you’ve been crushing on for a while now. That girl who is the most unique, amazing, and special girl you’ve ever met. That girl who you think about before you go to sleep. That girl who you let talk to you for hours about all the other boys she’s seeing. That girl who tells you that you’re such a great catch and that you’ll find a girl soon (but not her of course). Yeah, that one. She is not better than you at all. She is a human being and her value of life on this earth is no better or worse than yours. So don’t treat her like she is God’s gift to the world. She isn’t. She’s a nice girl and that’s it. It may not seem like that to you right now, but it’s the truth.
  2. Stop complementing her all the time. If all she wants you for is to validate and feel better about herself, then she is using you. This is not a healthy friendship. Re-evaluate your relationship.
  3. If you treat her like she is better than you, she will not consider you a viable dating option. She wants to feel secure in her man. If you have little self-worth. If you don’t even respect yourself or like yourself. If you feel you don’t deserve her…How can you expect her to have feelings for you?

Leave your house

  1. Do anything. I don’t care if you walk around the block 1000 times. Just leave your house and go somewhere. I don’t care where.
  2. Hell, just walk up and down the streets and ask random people for directions even if you know where the location is. That’s what I do when I go out to “warm up”. I just walk up to about 4 or 5 groups of people and ask them for directions to a bar. Doesn’t even have to be women. Just walk up to anybody.
  3. Don’t go outside thinking, “I have to meet a girl”. Don’t put expectations on yourself. Just be a social person. Befriend and number close men. Meet people. Not women. Show that you are an outgoing and social person even if you’re not.

Do not sit and wait for something to change
  1. If you think you can sit around and “one day” everything will be great by itself, you’re wrong. That’s self-delusion. Only you can make things happen. Only you can put in the effort required to make positive changes in your life. That bicep will not increase 3 inches by itself. That girl at the end of the bar is not going to approach you either. You are the one that has to lift those weights. You are the one that has to go over there and talk to her.
  2. You fear rejection because you care how she is going to react. Imagine, for a moment, that you gave 0 fucks about how she responds to you. Imagine that whether she accepted your approach or rejected your approach means absolutely nothing to you. How can you possibly be afraid of the approach if you don’t give a single fuck about what she thinks of you?

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