Jul 312012

So my last summer 2012 post was the last progress report a month ago. If you’ve been following the summer 2012 workout posts, I apologize for my lack of updates, but there hasn’t really been any change. I’ve been cruising steadily through my Stronglift 5×5 workouts and haven’t missed a single scheduled workout day.

I’m currently up to:

  • Squats: 155 lbs (still feel I have a long way to go before maxing out. I’m a hockey player so my legs were always strong)
  • Overhead Press: 70 lbs (sadly maxed out on this, but I’m hoping to hit 75 in a couple workouts as I increase strength)
  • Rows: 110 lbs (also maxed out on this, but I’m increasing every couple of workouts)
  • Bench Press: 100 lbs (I have a ways to go still before maxing out)
  • Deadlift: 150 lbs (Getting heavier for me)

Weight has been hovering at around 167 lbs. I started at 172 lbs. No gains or losses in weight for two weeks. I am satisfied at maintaining this weight though so long as I keep on replacing fat with muscle and lowering my body fat percentage.

My estimation is I started at around 20% body fat (I bought a caliper) and I am now at around 18.5%.

I still have not had a single drop of alcohol since June 15th.

And now for the Day 0, Day 30, and Day 60 photo comparisons.

If you haven’t started working out, head on over to Step 0 of fundamentals and get started!



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