Aug 172012

See part I of building a social circle here.

It’s been a few weeks since my last post, but drama is always happening. This week I just broke it off with the last of the girls I was dating. I’m officially back down to dating 0 girls. At the peak, a couple weeks back, I was dating 4 girls at the same time. I did not realize how difficult this was to manage, but it is extremely challenging. I effectively failed at it due to my inexperience. I was having fun though. Two of the girls really liked me and I felt bad when I told them I wasn’t looking for anything more serious with them. One cried and it made me feel really bad. It is what it is though.

Anyway, I have a potential prospect whom I met last weekend. She didn’t seem that interested in me, but I got word from her friend that she’s a bit stand-offish due to my “reputation” as well as the fact I’m going as a date to a wedding next weekend with another mutual friend. That friend told her I was indeed looking for a relationship, so long as it was with the right girl. And that I’m totally ‘free-game’ after the wedding. Yeah, story gets complicated, but this is what brings me to the title of this post. This is all social-circle game. You meet someone, then meet more, and then more…A chain of people through the social circle. And if you are friends with everyone, then you’re already a leg up on any random guy at a bar.

Back on Bastille Day a month ago or so I was out with all of these girls whom I made friends with. I met this one particular girl who was very attractive. I could tell she wasn’t attracted to me, but I was still talking to her. Just being friendly and flirty with everyone is just a good general policy. Anyway, she made some crack about guys not approaching her at the bar we were at. So I asked her what kind of guy she was into. “Tall, athletic”, she says. I respond with, “I know exactly the guy to call.”

I text my tall, athletic, good looking friend and tell him to get his ass to the bar. I have a hot girl waiting for him. After some prodding, he finally shows up. Now he is no stranger to any of the materials discussed here on ShakedownLab so when the two of us are together, it’s a ton of fun. We know each other’s stories and how to read off one another like clockwork. All the while I’m being a super-wingman for him. I talked him up so good and made him seem like an awesome guy. He was doing a great job himself though so he probably didn’t even need me there. At the end of the night, he # closed the girl I introduced him to.

It’s been a month and they are dating. And they definitely really like each other a lot. I’m pretty sure they’ll be officially exclusive any day now.

So why is this awesome that I hooked my guy friend up with this girl I met? I successfully combined two of my social circles into one mega social circle. Whenever my friend is out on a party, he has invited her. The girl and I have also gotten a lot closer as a result and she is the one that introduced me to this new potential prospect. So there you go. Be a good wingman, hook your friends up, and the karma will come back to you. Because you are just that awesome, social guy that everybody likes.


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