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This story gets complicated so let me summarize briefly a back story of all the girls involved. I’ll give them fake names to protect their identities.

Jessica: Very attractive girl whom I set my boss up with. That story can be found here. Jessica and I have bonded and have become very good friends. She is trying to set me up with her friend Abbey.

Abbey:  I’ve hung out with her twice now in a group setting. She may or may not like me–but I will ask her out soon. I like her.

Samantha: This girl really likes me a lot, but I put her in the friendzone. That story can be found here. She asked me to be her date to the wedding in Virginia Beach, and I agreed. Free trip to the beach? Yes, I’ll do that.

The three girls are friends. Jessica is going to the wedding as well, but Abbey is not. The story begins.

We all arrive at the hotel and check in. Samantha and I go up to our room, walk in, and I can see that it is a king-size bed, so we all know where this is going. We then head down to the rehearsal dinner and I’m being very social with everybody. I don’t know anyone besides Samantha and Jessica, but I quickly made friends with the other guests. I was really having a great time. I broke my ‘no alcohol’ streak by having three Sam Adams. That was it though and I didn’t get drunk.

I talk to Jessica briefly, and she tells me, “If you hook up with Samantha tonight, you effectively ruin your chances with Abbey. You can’t burn through the girls in the social circle. If you hurt Samantha, you’ll be ejected from the group. We like you, but Samantha is our friend of many years and that’s just how it is.” I acknowledge that I understand completely. I know these girls for 6 weeks. I can’t just tear through them. Jessica continues, “Having said that, you are Samantha’s date and you are kind of responsible for making sure she has a good time. Kiss and cuddle with her. Abbey won’t care about that.”

So, having a couple drinks, Samantha is tipsy, sharing the same bed with a girl who wants me very badly and I have to make sure I don’t go further than Kiss & Cuddle if I want any chance with Abbey. Check.

My penis vs. my brain. Who is going to win?

Samantha and I get back to the hotel room. Make out ensues. We get to bed and things escalate quickly. We make out for a while and then our shirts come off. I’m having a major battle inside my head, ‘Holy shit what do I do? What do I do? I can’t control myself! Damn it!!!!” Back and forth, back and forth, I’m freaking the fuck out. We fool around a little bit and she’s getting really worked up. She wants to go further. A lot further. SHIT. SHIT. SHIT. She pushes me back and jumps on top of me. She makes a move to pull off my boxer briefs. This is the moment of truth, my friends.

I stop her. “I’m just not prepared to cross that boundary with you,” I say to her.

The look on her face was priceless, “What?”

“I can’t go further than this with you, I’m sorry.”

This just kind of blew her mind. And I blew my own mind. She tells me this has never happened before. No guy has ever refused her like this. It’s unheard of. She tells me how bad she wants me and literally tries everything under the sun to get me going. I hold firmly strong and tell her I just want to cuddle. This fucked her head up real bad. She says she’s super horny and becomes very aggressive. She jumps on top of me and pushes my arms back. She really, really wants this. And then I told her something I thought I would never, ever have to say to a girl. Ever.

No means no.

She lost her shit.

What followed was mostly just an emotional train wreck that I had to contain. I managed it, and held strong.

The next morning I told Jessica what happened and she agreed I did the right thing. The girl can’t get hurt from kiss & cuddling. I’m still in the clear to pursue Abbey. I was weirdly proud of myself. The next night was much easier. Having refused her the night before, she only tried a little bit and then gave up quickly.

The weekend was amazing. Made new friends and learned a lot about what I am capable of doing. After thinking about it, how did I do this? How did I have a girl in my bed, begging me to hook up with her, and me being able to refuse? The answer is abundance. I’m living in a true abundance mentality. The Forever Alones in /r/foreveralone would kill for an opportunity like the one I had. But what they don’t know is that my ability to refuse to hook up is part of the reason why I’m so attractive in the first place. I don’t need to seize hook up opportunities anymore because I know I can go out next week and meet another girl just as easily. It’s this confidence that I can live in abundance at all times that women are so drawn to. They’ll be plenty more where that came from. The forever alones don’t understand that though because their reality is so warped.

I don’t even know if Abbey likes me. I just don’t want to deliver a stillborn and ruin my chance to ask her out before I even try. If I ask her out and she says no anyway, at least I was rejected on merit instead of an action my penis caused. And then I’ll just go ask another girl out.

Hope you enjoyed the story. Rock on guys.



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