Sep 092012

It is time to continue the Social Circle Saga. To get the back story, go to this post here. Long story short, I’ve been holding out for this one girl I’ll call Abbey for a while now. Our mutual friend has tried to set us up, but I was off limits until after a wedding I went to with yet another girl. But now that’s over so I’m in the clear for Abbey. Queue story:

My company hosts an ‘end-of’-summer’ BBQ every year where we invite all of our friends and thank them for being our friends. It’s a lot of fun and everyone always has a good time. So I invite ThoughtTrain and the rest of the crew to come join us.

There are way more girls than guys at this party and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. Jessica and Abbey show up and I talk to them briefly, but I don’t focus only on them. I make sure I introduce myself to all the new faces and say hello to old ones. I’ve learned that it’s so important to not just focus on the girl you like. You need to show that you are socially intuitive and can go up to anybody at a party and talk to them. The girl you like will take notice and be even more impressed with that than if you just stayed and talked only to her the whole time. It shows leadership and alpha male qualities to be the guy who goes around and talks to everyone. Be social.

A storm hits. Now this works out in my favor since Samantha decides not to show up to the party. It would be an added complication if both her and Abbey were there at the same time. I lucked out in that regard. ThoughtTrain wasn’t so lucky. He gets caught in the storm as he’s headed to the party and got crushed in torrential down pour. He shows up soaked and a girl gives him a towel. The whole time he is there, he looks like he just came from the beach, but he is fucking rocking it and made it work. Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches. If you get screwed over somehow, might as well “feature” it — so ThoughtTrain gets soaking wet and ends up walking around the party with a towel on his shoulder. That’s how you do it.

Party begins to come to a close and people start filing out. At the end, it’s only me, my boss, Jessica, ThoughtTrain, and Abbey. It’s that part of the night where people are deciding what to do. Do you go out, or go home…It’s only about 7pm at this point so it could go either way. Abbey’s phone was dead and needed an Android charger. She asked me if I had one and I told her, “Yeah, back at my place.” I was obviously joking, and everyone knew it, but that’s all that needed to be said to get her back to my place. My boss and Jessica tell us that they’ll be going out in an hour and a half and that Abbey and I should head back to my place, regroup, and then we’d all go out somewhere. Looking back on it now, I think my boss was just trying to hook me up and had no intention of going back out. Hard to tell though at the time, and so that was the plan. Told ThoughtTrain to meet up with the rest of the crew and we’ll get together when Abbey and I head out.

Abbey and I get back to my place and she starts charging her phone (lol). I tell her I want to take a quick shower, so she lays down on the couch. After my shower, I come out and sit next to her on my couch. She’s watching How I Met Your Mother and I waste no time. Make out commences. It gets pretty heated and shirts come off, bra off, etc. Everything stays above the waist though. She didn’t want to take her pants off. Cool with me. At 9pm I text my boss asking him what the plan is. No response. Guess I got the message. Abbey and I just make out, massage her, cuddle, and talk for 2 hours after that until I walk her to the metro stop. It was awesome.

A few things. Apparently I still have this “player” reputation. I mean, Abbey and I are laying in bed, she sees that I have massage oil, taught myself massage (see books and resources), massage music, and condoms in the night stand next to my bed and says, “You do this with all the girls you bring back, don’t you.” I don’t answer the question. I just stare into her eyes and kiss her.

I asked her what she thought of me when she first met me.  Her response was, “You clearly carried yourself with a ton of confidence.” So put another vote in the confidence column guys. ThoughtTrain and I were talking to this girl for a while at the bbq and she said that women are willing to overlook things like appearance if the guy is interesting, impressive, and confident. This is completely true. I only have average looks, but my confidence carries me so much further.

So now that I actually made out with a girl I actually like, it is very likely that this is going to turn into something. We shall see what happens.




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