Nov 222012

Some analog thoughts I have. Not going to post this in /r/faimprovement.

It’s 8:18am on Thanksgiving Day. Today, in America, we gather friends and family and give thanks to everything that we have in life. It’s a celebration of life. This is a fact I find most interesting. We are celebrating being alive..

I am most thankful for being given the gift of life, consciousness, existence, and self esteem. When we are born into this world, these are the only attributes we possess by default. By simply being human.

Even so, many people seem to forget that they have these qualities. The quality to do something. The quality to be a man of action. The quality to think. Instead, there’s a large number of people in this world who believe that they do not need to do anything. They can sit idly by and are entitled to the things that they don’t have that others do possess. Instead of being thankful for being alive, people have no self esteem and engage in self-loathing.

This might sound weird, since in today’s world, no one ever says anything like this. But I’m going to.

The fact that you were born does not entitle you to survive.

In a way, I’m supporting evolution to the extreme. So if you’re not entitled even to survive, what are you entitled to?

Nothing. You are entitled to nothing.

Just because you need something, does not mean you are entitled to it. If you want something you don’t have, you have to earn it.

  • Just because you need money, does not entitle you to someone else’s money.
  • Just because need to feel loved, does not entitle you to have a girlfriend.
  • Just because you are a slave, does not entitle you to freedom.

The universe is indifferent to your needs. You are the only one responsible for your current situation. Take ownership of it and act. Do not rely on anyone or anything else to help you. You have to earn your way.

You want more money? Don’t ask for charity. Don’t ask for help from the government. Don’t force anyone to give to you. Use your brain — the most powerful survival tool in the history of life on Earth. Think. Actually think. Then, most importantly, act. Combine your mind with action and you can earn your way. Complaining that others have more opportunity, complaining about unfairness in this world, that is all bullshit excuses for you to sit idly by waiting for a handout. Waiting for someone else to do something for you that you don’t have the balls to do. Why not, instead, become a man of action? Last week, I was at the bar with one of our friends and readers. He told me he walked into his boss’s office and said, “I want to know how much I am really worth here at this company. Because I’m ready to leave and seek opportunity elsewhere.” He got a 30% increase in his salary. While you sit on your couch watching Netflix on your iPad complaining that you don’t have enough money for health insurance, some kid somewhere is studying his ass off to take the job that you don’t have the courage to work for, but feel entitled to anyway.

If you want something in this world, you need to produce value in exchange to get it. To take something from someone else without producing some type of value in return is looting. I shudder whenever I see a post in /r/foreveralone that says something to the effect of “I need love. Why can’t anyone just love me?” “All I want is a girlfriend. Doesn’t everyone deserve a girlfriend?” “Don’t I deserve to be happy?” No. You do not deserve love. You do not deserve a girlfriend. You do not deserve to be happy. You only deserve things that you earn. If you do not produce value, then you do not deserve anything. Not even sympathy. One year ago, I was a man who produced 0 value. I had no social skills. This is why I didn’t have a girlfriend. It wasn’t because of my average looks, my average job, or any other average material goods I had. I lacked a girlfriend because  was average.  There was nothing unique or special about me. There was no reason a girl should be with me. I offered no value and I expected a girl to want to be with me anyway.

Don’t you see that if you want to be loved, you have to earn it? The entire last 12 months of my life have been devoted to becoming a man of value and I have seriously reaped the benefits. I have rediscovered the gift of life, consciousness, existence, and self esteem. When you are a confident man, you embody everything that is value. Women instinctively know this and are attracted to you. Those in /r/foreveralone who are obsessed with “good looks” being the only factor are unattractive — not because of their looks, but because of their virtues. Their belief that they are not in control of their own lives. Their lack of self-ownership and placing of blame of their current situation on outside forces. That is what makes a man unattractive. They feel that they are entitled to a girlfriend and sex because that’s what they want and need. But they are entitled to nothing. They don’t know that they must produce value for others to love them. Love must be earned. Confidence is the currency of value in relationships and attraction.

If you are a slave and wish to be free, you have to fight for that freedom. And I use slave in both the literal and metaphorical sense. Harriet Tubman fought for her and her people’s freedom from slavery. Colonials fought and died for the creation and freedom of the United States. Chris Gardner fought for freedom from his financial situation and homelessness. These are people of action. They did not sit idly by waiting for someone or something else to come along to lift them out of despair.

On the flip side, to force someone into slavery, to force someone by physical means, to force someone to sacrifice their interests and their value because you don’t have any…That is morally corrupt. That is evil. You cannot force someone to work for you without paying them. You cannot force someone to love you. You cannot force someone to pay for your food simply because you don’t have any. Survival of the fittest.

You must earn everything. You are entitled to nothing.

Happy thanksgiving everyone.

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  1. I hope you die, because your entitled to it.


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