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Hey guys, so I’m going to start a section in this blog where I talk about dating, women, etc, specific to DC.  I’m not going to post this is in /r/faimprovement so it’ll be on the blog only. I was hesitant to post this publicly, but now that I have a girlfriend, I thought I’d share it.

If you’re thinking about taking a girl out to an expensive dinner on the first date, you’re doing it wrong. Here’s my ever-growing list of DC date ideas. I try to make all of my dates be “slightly” different than the typical dinner/movies/coffee/drinks. Just being a little different from all the other guys separates you from the rest.

I’ll come back and update the list as I learn more. And feel free to comment below, adding your own ideas as well.

Get tea in Dupont Circle. This is my go-to for first dates. It’s inexpensive, cozy, and provides a good environment for getting to know your date. It’s better than coffee because it isn’t coffee. Coffee is a common a date, but tea isn’t. Following this, we’ll usually walk down Connecticut Ave to Farragut Square. Sit on a bench together and here is where I’ll go for a kiss. Don’t wait until the end of a date to kiss her. Sometimes I’ll even just be walking down the sidewalk, stop, turn her towards me and go for it. Don’t let her think about it. Just do it. She’ll be glad you did.

Kramer’s Books:
So I just shit all over getting coffee for a date, but this is the one exception. It’s Kramer’s Books. Basically, it’s a bookstore, but inside the bookstore is a full bar and a coffee house. Again, great atmosphere for getting to know your date. And it’s cool/unique because it’s in a bookstore. This is another good first date idea.

Das Ethiopia:
I struggled for a while finding good second date ideas. And I tend to avoid the dinner-date track, but then I figured out that if you are going to take a girl to dinner, Ethiopian food is total win. I have found that a majority of girls I take out have never had Ethiopian food. This is a plus because you are now the source of a new (but really enjoyable) experience for her. Ethiopian food is delicious and it’s even mega bonus points if the girl you’re taking out is a vegetarian as Ethiopian food has great veggie meals. Anyway, if you never had Ethiopian food, the idea is that you get a large plate with a fermented bread. You then tear pieces of the bread off and dip into your food. You are sharing the plate with each other so it’s a bonding experience. If you’re feeling great with your date and serious rapport has been built, you can even feed each other. Took a girl home after my Ethiopian food date.

Kennedy Center Terrace
This date is definitely on the romantic side. So I’d wait til the 3rd or 4th date at least to pull this one if you still haven’t sealed the deal yet. I tell the girl to meet me at Foggy Bottom metro and that we are going on an adventure. There will be 3 locations and I’ll tell her the first two, but I won’t tell her the last. That comes later. We walk down M st in Georgetown. We stop off at Haagendaz for some ice cream. From there, we walk south to the water front. You can get drinks with her here if you want as well. Then, from there, I point to the Kennedy Center and say, “That is our 3rd location. The roof of the Kennedy Center.” Now, the roof of the Kennedy Center is open to the public, free of charge up to midnight. If you go on a week night, it may be that the entire roof is empty and you have it to yourself. This is freaking awesome as it is one of the best views of the entire city. Super romantic. The victory is obvious here.

Secret Spot at Lincoln Memorial:
Walking around the monuments is a typical DC date. It is a good date though, but what many people don’t know is that you can go to the back side of the Lincoln memorial. Do this at night for greater effect. It’s a make out spot no doubt. While 1000 people are in the front steps of Lincoln, casually take your date around to the back. It will make you look like you know cool shit that the tourists don’t. Only 4 or 5 people will be back there. No one will be if you go at night time. I told my date that this was a make out spot and she asked me how many girls I take here. I respond with, “I can’t answer that question.” She asks why not. “Because any answer I give would be wrong.” She agreed that was true and then we made out.

The Gibson, speakeasy:
I don’t drink alcohol, but if I did, I would totally take a girl here. It’s a “speakeasy”…Those of which are really popular in NYC, but there’s a few around here in DC as well. It’s one of those places without any sign on the door and you have to “know” where it is. This will make it seem like you are the shit to your date and you know the cool spots. Inside you’ll have great cocktails and a cozy atmosphere. I’m not sure if this how it works, you’ll have to look it up…But apparently, you walk up to the door, knock. Give your name and phone number and then walk away. They call you 10 minutes later when your table is ready.

Kayaking on Potomac:
Take your date to the Potomac boathouse in Georgetown. From there, rent a kayak for two and go paddling out into the river. Super bonding activity.

Art Jamz gives you a canvas and all your painting materials and you and your date can paint together. This includes beer, wine, and champagne as well. Truly an awesome and unique date idea. BONUS : Every once in a while they host the painting in a museum. This is freaking amazing and they also include free jazz.

Scandal Tour:
My date actually suggested this to me and it was fantastic. It’s a “free” tour (you tip at the end. $10 a person is standard). You and the group of people show up and the tour guide is a pretty funny guy. Start off at Lafayette Square and you end up walking all the way down Pennsylvania Ave to the capitol building. All the while, the tour guide is telling you all about these scandals that have happened at each location. It’s a lot of fun and you learn a lot, too.

Ice Skating at Kettler:
I’ve played ice hockey my whole life, so I’m an excellent skater. Taking a girl skating is a given for me, but it’s great for anybody. It’s a little on the romantic side since it gives you a great excuse to hold on to each other and hold hands etc. Second date material if you really hit it off and sparks flew on the first date. Third date material for sure. The rink is at the top of the Ballston Mall, so it’s really easy to access via metro’s orange line.

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  1. Hey, there! Ashtan here. I’m one of the owners over at ArtJamz. Thank you so much for featuring us. I just wanted to follow up and let you know that we recently moved a few doors down from our original location in Dupont, so we have twice as much space and two floors to choose from when you come to paint with us.

    Also, we have new pricing and canvas options, so — for example — if you wanted to paint for one hour on one of our mini canvases it would only cost $22/per person, and you could add additional time if you needed/wanted it.

    FINALLY, not only do we have occasional pop-ups in the Smithsonian, but we also will have some pop-ups in Crystal City Underground soon.. check out our website to find out about all of our paint parties in dc & other locations, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you ever have any questions at all. Thanks again!

  2. These are great date ideas! Some are on our top list as well. We actually have a company that plans mystery dates for couples looking to shake up their date night routine. You can check it out here:


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