Dec 182012
Flirting, part II

I wanted to make another post on flirting since it’s been a while. My style of flirting hasn’t really changed since I embodied it, but it has become a part of me. It’s my natural response to anything. And what’s more, I find myself still flirting with my girlfriend which is equally important. Even though […]

Dec 172012
You are your priority. It's okay to be a little selfish.

Since the /r/bestof post, I’ve been receiving many PMs and emails asking for advice on various things. I thought it might be helpful to post my responses here as well. One emailer told me that he has a strong athlete, has a great group of friends, works hard, but is super anxious and nervous when […]

Dec 162012
Part II of What it actually means to "be yourself"

Reddit is a fascinating place. If you get /r/bestof’d…Well, things can get pretty crazy. I made a response to Throwaway_d’s post about the meaning behind the advice people give to “be yourself” and “be confident”. I touched on it in a previous post here on Shakedownlab, but elaborated on it with this post. Anyway, someone […]

Dec 022012
Tips on starting a self-improvement blog

I received an email from a reader of ShakedownLab and he asked a few questions about starting a blog/website for self-improvement. He teaches some men in the Seattle area. Here are his questions, and my responses. 1-How exactly did you get started? I detail my entire story here. It details how I became involved with self […]

Dec 022012
What I would tell my 16 year old self about struggling with women

I made this post in response to ReallyLikes post in our subreddit. You remind me of myself in some aspects. So I’m going to write out this response as if I’m writing to my 16 year old self. You have a number of advantages right now. You’re 16. This is an advantage because you seemed to […]


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