Jan 202013
Anna explains what it's like for a person with social anxiety to break out of their comfort zone

Our friend Anna over at www.dating-wtf.com did an AMA in our subreddit. She had some amazing responses, but one of them in particular described what it is like for a person with social anxiety to break out of their comfort zone. I submitted the post to /r/bestof and it blew up. She received four reddit golds […]

Jan 192013
How to spot a lie

Ever since I started learning about attraction, I’ve had a fascination with body language. Elsewhere on the blog I recommend the Definitive Book of Body Language and Superdate as body language books that you should read. One part of body language that I find interesting is learning to detect deception and lies. Everybody lies, so […]

Jan 092013
What "You Must Love Yourself Before You Can Be Loved By Others" Means

Guest post by HokumGelpTexas There was a post in r/faimprovement about what that old adage, “You must love yourself before you can be loved by others” means. I responded before hitting the sack only to find the next day that what I wrote really resonated with a lot of people. Here’s the meat of the […]

Jan 062013
On having good social awareness and intuition.

After working on self improvement for a year, social awareness and intuition is still an area I feel like I’m lacking in and trying to get better at. Being socially intuitive doesn’t necessarily have a direct impact on being better with girls or whatever, but it helps indirectly by fostering friendships, being a value giver, […]

Jan 022013
What happens when girls outnumber guys 3 to 1 at a New Years Eve party

Every year my friends and I throw a big New Years Eve bash in New York City. This would be our fourth time doing it, so we’ve accumulated some experience, a few epic stories, and some legends were born as a result. Through some contacts, we secured a 5-story brownstone in Harlem. We were nervous […]


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