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Every year my friends and I throw a big New Years Eve bash in New York City. This would be our fourth time doing it, so we’ve accumulated some experience, a few epic stories, and some legends were born as a result. Through some contacts, we secured a 5-story brownstone in Harlem. We were nervous about the location, but that turned out to be a non-issue. At the height of the party, we estimate that there were about 60-70 people there.

For the first time ever, there were more girls than guys at one of these parties. And by a lot, too. I’d say there were at least 3 girls for every guy here. Not only that, but most of the guys had girlfriends, and most of the girls were single. If you were a single guy at this party and you did not at least make out with a girl, then I have no idea what you were doing because girls were coming up to me telling me they just wanted to hookup with any guy they would encounter. It was fascinating seeing it from the other side. We’re so used to seeing the guys having to ogle over all the girls, but it was the opposite this time. Watching the girls compete, desperately I might add, for any free guy at this party was incredible. I was talking to a girl after the ball dropped and she said, “All this guy had to do was grab my hand and pull me in when the ball dropped, but he didn’t.” Note to the guys — even when the girls are desperate to make out with a guy — they still expect you to make the first move. “The guys here are so timid,” she said. Don’t be that timid guy. Be the guy who grabs the girls hand, says ‘come here.’ and pull her in for a kiss.

A few moments later, she found a guy, took him into an empty bedroom and closed the door.

I saw a number of girls break down and start crying, though this has happened at every party we’ve hosted so it’s not unique. I found another girl sitting alone on the edge of the rooftop with a empty bottle of cognac, crying as well. I talked her down and got her back to the party.

If there was any year for me to not have a girlfriend, it was this year. There’s a special kind of confidence when you’re at a party and you genuinely believe that you can have any girl that you want. That was the feeling I had throughout the entire night. I felt like the roles were entirely reversed as all of these girls were coming up and flirting with me. Some of them blatantly touching my chest in front of my girlfriend. I was having an amazing time. My girlfriend knew I could have any girl at this party. She saw it. And in a way, I think it turns her on.

We understand each other and we let each other flirt incessantly with the opposite sex because we know who we are going home with at the end of the night.

After all was said and done, it was a great party. Lots of hookups were had and people had a great time. We’ll see if we do it again next year — it’s getting tiring for sure.

Happy new year and here’s to great luck and self improvement in 2013!




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