Feb 132013

It has dawned on me recently that during my lowest points 18-24 months ago, I literally had nothing to do. I had work — then I’d go home and lay in bed watching movies and surfing Reddit. I’d see a friend once in a while. Maybe I’d go to a happy hour, but I was forever alone and generally just had very few obligations other than work.

This slowly began to change as I went through self-improvement. I began actively seeking things to do. I joined a local kickball / drinking league, started playing ice hockey again, found some meetups to participate in. Filling up your schedule has so many benefits. First, you’re doing something. You’re being active, and this has positive effects on your brain. By keeping busy, you aren’t thinking about being depressed or alone. You’re engaged and focused. Secondly, you’re meeting new people and being social. All necessary in bettering yourself.

Now, I can barely find a free second in my day. I’m taking six credits for my masters degree, still playing ice hockey, building the plans for a new business idea, playing squash, python tutoring,  a partner at my current business working almost 60 hours a week, building an open-source enterprise level CMS as a side project, spinning class and working out, reading another business book…And on top of that, I still find time for my girlfriend and friends. Life can be exhausting sometimes. But I have fostered this attractive lifestyle and it suits me well. I am a man with obligations and I don’t forfeit these obligations.

Now start getting busy.


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