Mar 142013

Someone just recently asked me for my opinion of what a hot guy is. Here’s my response.

A hot guy is athletic, has unwavering confidence, and is incredibly funny, witty, and socially intuitive. He is knowledgeable in a wide variety of subject matters. He is flirtatious with everybody. One second he can be flirting with you, and the next minute he can be flirting with another girl at the other side of the room. No girl gets special treatment. Unlike all the other guys, he does not comment on your appearance or body. Instead, he teases you and cracks jokes. He challenges you. He is difficult to figure out. Girls will test him. “Buy me a drink,” she’ll say. And he’ll turn to the bar tender and say, “Hey Jessie, get this girl a nice tall glass of water and put it on my tab.” The hot guy has hobbies and obligations. He does not forfeit those obligations and will not rearrange his entire schedule just to spend a minute with you. He has priorities. He is not timid. He knows what he wants and takes it. He does not need to prove himself to anyone but himself. He is a take it or leave it kind of guy. Here he is. You either accept him or you don’t, and his happiness does not depend on your decision. He derives his happiness from within himself on a core level because he knows who he is and what he’s capable of. He does not need you to validate him and pat him on the back. He does not seek your affirmation or complements to feel better about himself. He is cool and collected in the face of adversity. He has a heightened sense of self-awareness. He is a leader among men. The hot guy will listen to your problems, but not offer advice or solutions unless you ask. He is empathetic and caring. When a woman is caught up in her emotions, she can simply stand in his presence and begin to feel safe and secure. When his woman is upset and challenges him, he ignores her tests, picks her up, spins her around, and gently place her on the couch just to kiss her passionately. He is unfazed by the wild emotions around him. He is free and loving and remains a rock of truth.


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