Mar 202013

There’s a fantastic video going viral on Reddit of a couple in the stands of an Orlando Magic / Indiana Pacers game. The camera just happened to be on them during this moment where the guy is eating ice cream and his girlfriend wants a bite of it.

Here, watch it yourself.

What can you learn from the ice cream guy?

1) Be non-reactive. He is totally cool and nonchalant the entire time. His girlfriend is trying to get a reaction out of him and he’s totally non-reactive. This is attractive to women.

2) Be challenging. He knows she wants ice cream and is teasing her on purpose. Make her work for it a little bit. Challenge her. Don’t give her what she wants right away — that’s no fun at all.

3) Don’t be a total jerk off. Let her have a bite after making her work for it. Push and pull is powerful.


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