Mar 252013
This is a guest post by Ken Torrino from who specializes in real estate and relocation therapy.

As travel becomes easier and the variety of American lifestyles becomes greater, more people than ever are moving away from their hometowns. For many people, this is more than just a simple change of pace. A drastic move can boost an individual’s confidence and give them a new sense of freedom. Unexpected life events such as the death of a loved one can contribute to a person’s need for a fresh start, and relocation therapy provides the environment needed for a completely new life.

Those who grew up in small towns may be intimidated by moving to a big metropolitan area such as New York City, but the vast amount of NY Real Estate provides the opportunity to choose a home that feels right. The east coast has its own culture that can be a welcome change for those who have spent their whole lives on the west coast. The mid-west has its own unique charm that draws in new residents, and the southern US offers the chance to escape from rainy weather.

Wherever a person is moving to, the life event that caused them to engage in relocation therapy is a useful indicator of what area would be best for them. Many people are shaken by the unexpected death of a loved one, and the grieving process can be stalled by overwhelming memories of the missing person. Moving on is nearly impossible when someone is surrounded by the places and things that remind them of their loved one. This is where relocation therapy is incredibly beneficial. By moving to a new city or town, the past stays in its place and a person can build a new future with endless opportunities. Some people choose to stay in their new city temporarily, allowing just enough time for the grieving process to run its course. Others enjoy their new environment so much that they spend years or decades in the city they relocated to.

For some, being trapped in a career with no opportunities for advancement can be a huge motivation for relocating. Larger cities inevitably provide more employment options than small towns, and the desire for a different job causes many people to seek a new home. Recent college graduates who have trouble finding a job that matches their skill set often relocate to find better job opportunities.

Those who are experiencing a mid-life crisis often feel the itch for adventure. After decades in the same place becomes tiresome, many people find solace in relocation therapy. Restless minds can be eased in a new environment, and a person may be surprised by how many new hobbies and interests they discover after relocating. Education is also a motivation for moving. Those looking to expand their knowledge or embark on a completely new career can be held back by the lack of colleges in their area. However, many colleges across the US have a wide selection of programs for older students to pursue a new career that is challenging and fulfilling.

Relocating is easier than ever. A person who is eager to move only needs to plan a few basic steps before they can be on their way. Apartments and houses can be researched online before the person moves, ensuring them a stable home to start their new life in. Some websites even offer digital tours of apartments, giving the new resident a way to see their potential home from hundreds of miles away. Traveling is a simple matter of buying a plane ticket. Once a person has decided on the city and home in which they will live, nothing can hold them back.

The benefits of relocating are more than just the obvious. Many individuals feel a sense of peace and comfort after they move. Relocating is often describing as a freeing experience, and though the initial move may spark some anxiety, a new level of contentment is reached after a person has settled down in their new residence. Getting away from toxic environments and difficult people can open up new possibilities, such as the freedom to pursue new interests and hobbies. Relocation therapy is an incredible journey that more people are experiencing every day.

This information was written by Ken Torrino, web relations for Elliman, brokers for New York City real estate.



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