Sep 062013

There was a post that was just bestof’d on Reddit and I thought I would copy it here. Really great summary of all of the topics we cover here on ShakedownLab. Just good to reiterate this every once in a while.

I’ve been attracted largely to introverted men for most of the time I’ve been dating, and introverted men are some of the most opinionated, well-spoken and thoughtful people I’ve met. Their introversion did not prevent them from being confident. While they may not be the centre of attention or know how to navigate large groups of people socially, they’re not pushovers or recluses. They can carry a conversation, almost with too much intensity at times, express themselves articulately and can stand their ground.

On the subject at hand, confidence is all about knowing yourself, loving the fuck out of that person, and knowing that you have a lot to offer. All this self-love makes you sure of yourself, sure of your convictions, sure of what you want. Nothing is more sexy than a man who knows his worth and doesn’t need anyone’s approval or validation, let alone a woman’s. It allows him to pursue what he wants in life without fear, whether that be passions, hobbies, or women. Rejection doesn’t faze the confident man because he doesn’t have to prove shit to you. And that’s so attractive because he’s coming from a place that isn’t validation-seeking. Any woman he interacts with romantically will feel like a partner, an equal. Not someone on a pedestal.

Link to the reddit post


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