Oct 082013

Question from the forum:

While reading your post regarding confidence, you mentioned that it stems from trust in oneself. How does one develop that trust then?

Practice. In the last two years I’ve approached thousands of people and engaged in practically every conceivable social interaction. While every interaction is different, it almost always follows a similar pattern. Eventually you start to recognize these patterns and you see the world through a different reality. I can read social interactions incredibly well now just by analyzing body language and seeing how people interact with each other. It’s like seeing the matrix for the first time.

When that happens, you start to realize that everyone is fundamentally a human being with the same basic needs and no one you meet is better than you. Everyone is different, but not better. A girl is still a girl regardless of how she looks. And then you realize that no girl is really that special — that there are so many women out there that you don’t even blink an eye when a hot girl talks to you. You start going past looks since good looks are so common. You want to know how she is different from all the other pretty girls out there.

You find yourself looking for a girl who is right for you. As a result, girls start proving themselves to you instead of you proving yourself to them. This only makes you even more attractive. You know who you are at the core. You are a man who doesn’t need the approval of others. What do you know, you became a confident man without even realizing it.



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