Jan 222014

My friend’s girlfriend gchatted me. We are close and I’m actually the one that introduced them to each other. She tells me that she got into a fight with her boyfriend because her ex is coming to town — they dated five years ago or so and thought it would be a good idea to catch up over dinner.

When she told her boyfriend this, he got very upset and an argument ensued. Understandable, I suppose. She tried to tell him that this was nothing at all and he was convinced that it was the beginning of the end. You know, it’s an interesting situation. I’m not sure that both individuals are right or wrong in the scenario. Maybe a little bit of both. The girl is somewhat naive in believing that her ex has pure intentions, and the guy is being a bit insecure.

See, the guy (my friend), has discovered The Red Pill. This is a popular subreddit dedicated to “Red Pill Theory”. Admittedly, I’ve only known about this subreddit for a couple months and have been following it off and on. In the time I’ve spent in the subreddit, it is clear there are some great things about RPT and a handful of shitty things. I plan on dedicating a whole post as to the pros and cons of Red Pill to help readers navigate the waters and find the good content. In the mean time, I want to talk about one specific negative attribute. I’ve noticed a pattern that many guys in The Red Pill are jaded. They’ve been cheated on, or simply lead to believe that women will cheat on you. While it is true that women cheat just as much as men do, I feel that some men have become overly sensitive to this fact. And that they are convinced that their woman will cheat or would cheat given the opportunity. I’m not even saying they won’t cheat (they might). My issue is with the behavior that is invoked by this core belief.

JEALOUSY. Jealousy is a beta behavior. Plain and simple. It stems from insecurity — insecurity that your woman will remain faithful to you. If you believe that your woman will cheat on you, then that is not really grounds for a healthy relationship. Though actually, this might explain many Red Pillers advocacy for avoiding long term relationships altogether. But for those that do desire some long term relationships, there is at least a modicum of faith that she will remain loyal to you.

You have to treat this as no different than a standard shit-test. She wants to see how you react to such things. Do you rage out and start an argument out of jealousy? Is that how an alpha male would react?

I thought about this and decided that an alpha male would respond to the situation like this:

I am not thrilled by this news and would rather you did not go meet your ex-boyfriend. But since you’re going to go anyway, I want you back here by 9pm. You will cook me a steak, medium rare, and then take off all your clothes. I will eat the steak with great ceremony and then ravage you all night long in any way that I want.

Part of being an alpha male is understanding that your woman is independent. She has friends that she wants to see — you can’t control her life and it would be a dumb idea to try and do so. What you can do is show that you are not fazed by her and that when she’s back home, you are the man of the house. You are the king. And you will have your fill. She can go out and have other men fawn at her, but in the end, she comes home to you and is begging you to fuck her. That is how you know she is your woman. If she comes home and doesn’t care about you, verbally shits on you, and doesn’t respect you…you’ve lost her and you need to re-evaluate your life.


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