Mar 292014

I haven’t gone on a “first date” in quite some time actually. Reflecting back over the last six or seven months…I’ve kind of just, I don’t know..Skipped the first date. My strategy has kind of been to get set up by a mutual friend that is a girl. Everyone is aware of the ruse and the girl in question and I meet. We’re at some party, event, etc…Then we just go back to my place after. I’ve somehow learned to skip the dating scene. Then throw in the hookups with the girls who have boyfriends and I don’t think I’ve gone on a “first date” for the better part of a year.

Two weeks ago I ran a half marathon, and then went to this Jewish event that night. I was delirious and in pain. The event was big, packed with people, and the room was hot. I didn’t want to stay long as I could barely walk. This taller girl starts talking to me and I’m barely responding, defaulting to “What’s the story with that?” and “Oh, really?” and on and on…Giving 0 fucks. Anyway, I’m dying to leave so I stop her and get her number and bounce. We’ve been texting off and on every 3 or 4 days for the last two weeks as she’s been out of town. But her texts were very flirty and forward with me.

First date planned: I tell her to meet me at the Dupont Circle Fountain at 9pm. She’s running late and texts me at 9:05. I respond with my standard, “What’s the rush? Got a hot date to get to?”…She comes back with, “Yes!!! He’s chizzled or something. Funny too”

This girl is really cool and I take her to my favorite first date spot ever – Teaism only a few blocks off the circle. We stay there, talking until they kick us out around 1030. We walk back to the circle and just chill there for a bit. We start touching each other a lot more here, getting comfortable with each other, etc. After a while we start walking down Connecticut Ave, just chatting about family stuff and getting to know each other. I don’t run any game anymore. I don’t have to. The important part to note is that I am literally just being myself and this requires no effort. I don’t try to be clever, or think of witty things to say. I’m just existing, telling stories, and having a good time. The only thing I am conscious of is just not to be weird and having social intuition. I’m literally just really normal which is a breath of fresh air for many girls in this city, let me tell you. I do my standard teasing, etc, all of it is perfectly natural.

It is a level of confidence I can only tell you that comes with experience.

We walk to the White House and sit on a bench in Lafayette park. We talk some more and she’s really leaning on me so I put my arm around her and do my standard, “you are super silly. you’re adorable you know that? come here” kiss-close. Works of course. But really, she was so into me that I could have made goo-goo ga-ga sounds and she would’ve made out with me. It’s midnight right now and we’re making out in front of Obama’s house. She was dropping hints that she wanted to bounce back to my place and hookup, but the date was rolling on 3 hours at this point which is definitely on the longer end. I’m exhausted so I tell her I’ll walk her back to the red line. I’ll have sex with her next week instead. I’m still seeing the other chick from Baltimore so it’s not like I’m desperate for sex.

Excellent first date and I’ll hit up this broad to take her out again next weekend.







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