May 212014

For my business, I’ve completely taken on the role of customer support. We lost our two customer reps — one quit and we let the other one go. So me and my business partner are running support for all of our clients. I’m working around 70 hours a week. 90% of the customers are thrilled, but there’s always that 10% you have to deal with. One in particular…

As it turns out, most of the people who buy my software are women. Just the nature of the industry we typically sell to. I’m on the phone three or four hours a day talking to customers and it’s exhausting. If it wasn’t for my self improvement, I would be utterly incapable of doing this job. But now I’m extremely social and bond very well with clients, even the ones that don’t like us.

Holding frame. No matter what a client is telling you, you remain unfazed. This is ever more important if they are yelling at you. These women are highly emotional, in both directions. They get excited easily and upset very easily. I’m dealing with extremes all day. But I am a man and I must hold firm. It’s good for business. And these women trust you more because they can’t shake you at your core. They feel confident that you can solve their problem.

One client started yelling at me. She is absolutely crazy. My response in a very even keel and low tone:

I’m a bit surprised you’re yelling at me right now. I am working with you to answer your questions and resolve your issues. Let’s take a step back and breathe for a moment. Obviously the tension is high and we are both frustrated.

Pause. Situation completely defused. After a couple seconds, I assume control of the conversation and move forward. No one can faze me. No one can faze you. Certainly not a woman when she is acting out like a child. You always be a rock.


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