Jul 042014

Happy Independence Day gentleman. Today is the 4th of the July. Can you believe that 238 years ago, our forefathers united to tell the King to fuck off. That they can and should rule themselves. They took ownership of their own lives — their own futures. And holy shit, they were willing to die for their cause.

Have you taken ownership of your life yet? What do I mean by this? It’s a loaded question so I’ll break it down.

Do you live trying to appease others? Is there a girl you’re crushing on that you find yourself always trying to please or make happy? Do you find yourself constantly going out of your way to do things for her? Do people ask you to do things for them and you blindly agree?

If you answered yes, you do not own your life. You are a slave. A slave to women and those around you. Along with that, women do not respect you as a man.

Behold the Power of No. It’s one of the most amazing things and it’s actually hard to do. “Just say no to drugs” — very simple, but it failed because most people can’t just say no.

Girls respect you more if you say no. They will test you by asking you to do shit for them, and they secretly want you to reject them. You are a man with more important things to do. No. It will shock them how you stand up for yourself.

As an exercise start saying no when girls ask you to do favors for them and observe their reactions.



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