Jul 302014

I just finished reading The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. If you liked my recommendation for Destiny of the Republic, than you would love this book as well.

The Devil in the White City intertwines two main stories. The first is about a notorious serial killer known as H.H Holmes. This guy is an absolutely insane psychopath but is really popular with the ladies. He has absolutely no morals and gets satisfaction out of being in control and ending lives. Cold, calculated, delusional. All of this is happening in Chicago at the same time as the World’s Fair in 1893 — the second story.

The sheer amount of engineering and architecture that went into building the World’s Fair in Chicago was unbelievable. The World’s Fair happened because the French held their own fair a few years prior and impressed the world. Some guy named Eiffel built a tower there or something. Anyway, the Americans wanted to build something more impressive. The author, Mr. Larson, does an incredible job of bringing you into 1893. You absolutely feel like you are attending the world’s fair. It’s a glimpse into a reality unlike any other. The people just had a different way of life. Attitudes were different. Women were different. America was very different.

Anyway, some guy named George Ferris invented a wheel to compete with the marvel of engineering that was the Eiffel tower.

This was an amazing book and it is Shakedown Approved.



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