Oct 192014

I just came across this post on the Stronglifts 5×5 main website that talks about strength goals for a man that is 5′, 10″. Well, shit. I am 5′, 10″ and I had no idea that there were recommended target goals for someone my size. Here they are:

Deadlift: 1x400lb (5x360lb)

Squat: 1x300lb (5x270lb)

Bench: 1x220lb (5x200lb)

Barbell Row: 1x200lb (5x180lb)

Press: 1x135lb (5x120lb)

Now I ended up finding this because I am disappointed in my Barbell Rows progress. I’ve been stuck at 115 lbs for almost two weeks and I’m not sure what to do. Apparently 180 lbs is the target so I have a ways to go there.

What is shocking to me is the Overhead Press target goal at 120 lbs. I’m at 115 lbs now and I thought I was weak as shit there.

So far the only target I have hit is squat. I’m at 285 lbs now so I’ve blasted through the target goal there, but my legs have always been strong so no surprise there. Deadlift, I’m at 260 lbs right now so I have another 100 lbs to go. However, I always do my deadlifts after squats so my legs are already tired. If I did squats first, I might make faster progress. Hard to tell.

Bench, I’m pissed off because I found my form was off so I dropped back from 160 to 150 to fix it. All for the best though.

Lift heavy brothers.


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