Feb 042015

My business has run out of space in our downtown office and we have started to overflow staff to a hip shared office environment here in DC. This place is incredible. You are surrounded by people who are making shit happen, being productive and creative. It’s rather inspiring compared to the animal house that is our main office. We’ve filled it with sales staff and lead gens. Music blasting, people yelling, a little putting game, a wheel of fortune, and other shit. Not unlike a frat house. It remains to be seen if this strategy is effective at selling. We’ll find out in another month or so or we’ll have to start cutting people. What we want is winners and people who want to just crush it and make a ton of money.

Anyway, that’s sales. Not really a conducive environment for people who produce. And so this off-site location is where it’s at. And so I’m bringing this up because they hold cool events and activities every week. I was there today as a guest because my business partner already made the switch. Spent half the day there and at the end of the day he asked if I wanted to join him in the meditation room. What? Yes they have a meditation room and some meditation leader came in to “lead the class”. She was nice and gave you a choice between lavender and peppermint oil to rub on yourself as you came into the room.

There were only about five of us, and there was no door to the meditation room so there was some distraction, but I actually enjoyed it. It was completely different than the rest of my day dealing with product issues, employees, customers, and other bullshit keeping business operations running.

As the instructor was talking to you, she tried to put some vivid imagery into your mind. And here is where I found that this meditation held some Alpha Male values that rather surprised me.

“Imagine you are a mountain”

She continued to elaborate on the idea of mountains.

Mountains are big, expansive, and beautiful things. Everything around them changes, from the weather, to the surface, and what not. Yet, the mountain stays as it is. The mountain actually gives no fucks. She didn’t say that, but that’s my interpretation. A mountain does not give a fuck. A mountain is strong and stoic. No matter what happens in front of the mountain, the mountain remains unaffected by its surroundings.

And here she is telling me to be a mountain. I couldn’t help but smile because that is how I’ve been trying to live my life for the past 2 and a 1/2 years.

My guess is there is a lot of alpha male lessons to be learned in meditation. I’m eager to learn more.


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