Feb 072015

The discussion of Dread Game in /r/theredpill irritates me to no end because it demonstrates how amateur some of these guys really are.

What is dread game? Dread game is the idea that if your girlfriend believes you can up and leave the relationship at any time, she will work harder to please you and make you stay — that it ups her attraction for you.

In that sense, Dread Game is entirely real and accurate.

The core of my problem with Dread Game is this:

If you feel you must instill of a feeling of dread in your girl artificially then you are not in top form as a man anyway.

Red Pill advocates that you practice Dread Game strategies like trying to make your girlfriend jealous. Go out and find a girl, flirt with her in front of your real girlfriend just to fuck with her. Threaten to leave the relationship in seemingly random times, and other shit.

But again, if you have to force yourself to do these things, then you are not hitting top form as a man. See, when you are in top form, Dread Game happens naturally because she knows deep inside that you can fuck any woman you want when you want. When you’re out socializing at a party, you don’t need to find a girl to flirt with and manipulate the situation to make your girlfriend jealous. Instead, you are the life of the party that everyone wants to talk to — you are the fucking man that everyone wants to buy a drink and dance and joke with. You are alpha.

Believe me, your girlfriend will take notice of all the eyes of other chicks looking you up and down. She’ll know they’ll want you and you will be more attractive for it.

So don’t go out and manipulate Dread Game because that’s dumb. Go out and be fucking awesome — just by being super attractive in general the other girls will take notice, and I argue this form of dread game is that much more effective.

The Dread Game of Being Yourself

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