Feb 152015

My company is somewhat like a frat house. There’s a lot of guys fresh out of college, work hard / play hard life style. We were rather unsuccessful at trying to get women to work here at first but now we have a few. Preventing sexual harassment is a top priority for me and my partners. We want to make sure the women in the office feel comfortable coming to work every day. Creepy or sexist behavior towards the girls is not tolerated.

Now having said that — everyone in the company is in their 20s pretty much and so things are going to happen. We’re up to 20 people so that’s at about the time where workplace relationships and drama start to happen.

Really, the only thing I can say about workplace relationships is this:

Do not hook up with a coworker.

I don’t care how hot Debra the secretary is, do not fuck her. You will get burned.

Remember, there’s always going to be more hot girls. Do not shit where you eat. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen and you need to protect yourself.

Never jeopardize your business. You are a man. Your business comes first.

Now if you do find out that one of your coworkers is attracted to you, some harmless flirting in person at happy hour might be okay but never, ever go beyond that. Under no circumstances should you flirt or say anything inappropriate or incriminating via email or text message (anything that leaves a trail). Keep all your correspondence clean.

When in doubt, fall back to Don Draper’s line from the Pilot episode of Mad Men. “I’m your boss, not your boyfriend.”

Stay safe gentleman. Happy Valentines Day.


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