Mar 082015

I saw the movie Swingers (1996) a long time ago, way back when I was a beta. Yet somehow the valuable messages of the film never go through to me.


This guy, Mike (Jon Favreau), was dumped by his girlfriend of six years. He’s all broken up about it and acting like a little bitch. Then here comes his Trent (Vince Vaughn) who takes him out to Las Vegas to have a good time and to get him to forget his girlfriend. After their Vegas trip they come back and Trent and his friends go through a bunch of adventures in Hollywood, looking to party and score girls, all the while trying to get Mike to enjoy life again and move on with life.

It is one of the rare Hollywood movies that is incredibly accurate to how life is. Vince Vaughn’s character is the alpha who understands women the way you’re supposed to. Jon Favreau’s character is how we understand women when we used to beta.

The movie is available on Netflix and you have got to watch it. I’m convinced this movie has saved many of the lives of men who were depressed and ready to off themselves.

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