May 022015

The Boys in the Boat is about an incredibly inspiring story about the 8-oar US Rowing team that went to the Berlin Olympics in 1936. You do not need to be a rower, or really know anything about rowing in order to enjoy this book. It is classic American and you will feel immensely patriotic by the time you turn the last page.

It follows the story of 9 boys who arrived at Washington in 1932 as freshmen. They trained together with a hard driving coach. They had many struggles, but the ultimate learning experience was that they had to completely trust each other. It’s a real “man’s book”.

The author does a great job describing the era, Nazi Germany, and what it was like to attend the Olympics in 1936. The book really makes you appreciate when something comes together perfectly. And that there will be moments in your life that you will never forget. You are provided opportunities and you should seize them with all you got.

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