May 252015

I’m going to be adding a series of blog posts highlighting running routes around DC. This is the first one that I just came from.

It starts off at Dupont Circle, and it is a literal straight shot up Massachusetts Ave. This part of Mass Ave is called Embassy Row because there are quite a few embassies lined up right next to each other. It is a peaceful run because every step you take you are getting further and further away from downtown DC. There is not a lot of activity on Embassy Row which is a nice change of pace from running routes around the National Mall.

With only a couple intersections, your run will not be interrupted much.

The hard part of this run is all uphill from Dupont Circle to the National Cathedral. The grade is not super steep, but it is constant for about 2 miles. Just keep slogging through it until you reach Wisconsin Avenue. You’ll see the National Cathedral to your right — you can’t miss it.

I usually take a break at this point because I feel like I’m about to die, so I walk around the National Cathedral area to catch my breath. 10 minutes later I head back to the Wisconsin Avenue corner and start the run back to Dupont Circle. This part is all downhill, so cruise at a nice solid pace. Feels great to be going downhill after you hustled your way all the way to the top.

2015-05-25 15_58_06-Ran 4.05 mi on 05_25_2015 on 05_25_2015 _ RUNNING Training Log Entry _ MapMyRun

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