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I am a 26 year old single male, entrepreneur, living alone in a studio apartment in Downtown DC. Food is always an issue with me. My refrigerator is consistently empty and “depressing” as many people say when they come over my place. Interestingly enough, girls I date feel the urge to cook for me because of how I live. The problem with me and cooking is that 1) I’m a poor cook. 2) Cooking is a time investment. Above all things to me personally, my time is most valuable. And while a couple years ago I spent the entire summer in Whole Foods and cooking for myself, it really is hard to sustain.

I am constantly looking for ways to optimize my lifestyle. Anything that I can do to both get time and healthy simultaneously is win-win.

Attempt #1) Blue Apron – First, I want to say that Blue Apron is a fantastic and unique service. They are based out of New York City. The premise of Blue Apron is that for $60 a week, they ship you six meals. (3 uniques, so when you cook, you make enough for two meals). They overnight you the food in a well-packaged box that contains all of the ingredients and recipes needed to cook your food. They use cold packs so your food doesn’t rot on delivery. But be there when your food arrives so it’s not just sitting around. Anyway, the quality of the food they send is quite good.

I went with Blue Apron because I thought it would simplify my life. Here I’m getting all the food I need in one package along with the easy-to-follow recipes. This saves me substantial time from having to go to the super market and figure out what I need to make.

And to that credit, Blue Apron succeeds beyond expectations. …But here’s the catch:

You have to cook every meal yourself. And that’s totally fine and expected. But it’s really fucking hard for someone like me and I did not anticipate the amount of time it would take to cook a single meal. I would get home and start cooking. The average meal took me just over an hour to make. And it might be taking that long because my kitchen sucks and I suck at cooking, but I do feel even if you are good, you’re looking at a solid 45 minutes.

For example, they gave me limes with pretty much every single meal. I had to peel all the limes every single time and it’s exhausting.

I probably sound like a bitch right now and maybe I do. But in the end, Blue Apron was not a right fit for my lifestyle. It is, however, great for people who actually enjoy cooking. If you enjoy peeling limes, potatoes, shopping everything up into little bits, for an hour 3 nights a week, Blue Apron is definitely for you. But since I suck at cooking, the effort required did not yield the most tasty results and so it was not worth it for me in the end.

Attempt #2) Power Supply is a local DC business. Now this is more in line with what I’m looking for. You sign up and choose your diet preferences. I went with more caveman style which turns out to be a paleo diet. You choose between three different sized meals. I went with Boost because I’m trying to cut back and lose some weight. But even with boost, the smallest size, I feel full after each meal. Boost meals are $9.50 each and you can sign up for 3 days or 5 days. I recommend starting with 3 days a week to see if you like it.

The meals are delivered to a gym of your choice here in DC. Turns out the gym I go to that is literally a block away is listed as pick-up location so it’s a no-brainer for me. They do offer delivery to your door for an additional price I believe.

Anyway, on Mondays, I got to my gym and pick up my food. They are in these little black containers wrapped up in plastic shrink wrap with your name on it. It contains three lunches and three dinners. So I’m spending about $57 a week for these six meals.

The meals are actually good. You just pop them in the microwave and they’re ready to eat. This solves my time + healthy eating problem for at least three days a week. The Boost meals are typically between 300 and 500 calories each.

The meals themselves are not ‘out of this world’ or ‘amazing’ and they never will be. So if you’re looking for fine-dining, this is not for you. If you’re a big foodie who loves cooking, this is obviously not for you. The meals are ‘good’ and ‘different’ then what I typically eat when I go out and find food. This was a big win for a guy like me.

One less reason to have a girlfriend. JK, sorta.

So to summarize, both are great services, but they are for two very different types of people. Make sure you are a right fit for the one you choose.

I was not paid by either service to write this review…Just doing it because I thought people might find value in this blog post. Though if you are looking to go with Power Supply, I have a referral code you can use to get a free meal if you sign up and I think I get one as well, not sure?  Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested and I’ll share with you my personal referral code.



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