May 272015

This is a short run — only 2.3 miles in length so you can bang through this real quick after work if you’re looking to get your blood flowing and burn a few calories before dinner. Start off at the corner of the White House, 17th ST NW and G ST. Head south, downhill until you cross over Constitution Ave. I like to head down a little further to where the World War II Memorial is and run around that. When you get to this point, it’s a straight shot down the Reflecting Pool on the south side along the trail. When you get to the end, the Lincoln Memorial is in full view. I circle around the Reflecting Pool and make my way back.

2015-05-27 21_07_34-Ran 2.31 mi on 05_27_2015 on 05_27_2015 _ RUNNING Training Log Entry _ MapMyRun


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