Nov 152015

This is a sad story at my company — our off-shore development team, who’ve been working with for many years, has an issue. One of the developers, who was the hardest working and highest producer has, over the last two months, barely shown up to work, committing bad code, bugs, and just sloppy work overall. So we want to get to the bottom of what’s going on. We don’t want to fire him since we know what he’s capable of. Maybe he’s just in a rut? We talk to him to find out.

You guessed it — he met a girl. And the situation is completely textbook. Nothing revolutionary here.

She is attractive and found our guy, a classic Nice Guy who never thought he could land a hot girl. She is a single mother and her ex-husband left her so now she needs a new provider. He feels that the only way she will stay with him is if he supports her and her child fully.

She wants to start some bullshit business and of course she doesn’t want to put anything of her own on the line and actually take any risk so she is having her new Nice Guy boyfriend invest and put up the cash for everything. Is it succeedin? No, obviously. And she keeps going back to the well for more cash, draining this poor man of everything he has worked for and earned. It came to a head when he asked his boss for a $500 loan. No, we are not a bank.

We tried to explain to him that this chick is just not worth it. Get rid of her and get your life back together. But he is having none of it.

There is no ending yet since this situation is on-going, but I think we all know where this is headed. He’s going to get fired, and with no job and no money, the girl has lost her bankroll and will find a new guy to suck dry. No pun intended.

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