Nov 162015

This post here is unbelievable. Some of the comments are praising the OP for a job well done. No it is not a job well done. It is shitty. This guy did not handle the situation like a man. Instead he cowardly abandoned her.

First mistake is letting the girl set the frame for the whole situation. Never agree to such a dinner date to a Tinder chick. That is just a terrible idea. Your first date should not be approached in a manner of trying to impress the girl. Instead it should be “let’s just find out what this girl is about”.

Basic coffee, tea, low investment for first date is essential. Able to be quick, short, but can be extended to multiple locations if the date is  going well. If a girl is insisting that the first date be at a restaurant, she is likely just using you for a free meal. Serious red flag and you should just tell her no thanks and move on.

But let’s assume you already fucked up and are going on a first date to a restaurant and you end up in the same situation as the dumb OP. Girl is not engaged, blowing you off, on the cell phone the entire time, basically disrespecting you. How you handle this is up to you. You can bitch out like OP, or you can handle this like a man.

I might start off with a statement like, “Hey, it seems like you’re dealing with something important on your phone. If you need to leave and handle that, no problem” Something to that effect gives her the opportunity to either save face because she was being rude, or to actually agree and give her the perfect excuse to leave. If she wants to leave, great — now you know it was a shitty date and you don’t waste your time. The idea is that you are pushing her away.

Let’s pretend she says “Oh, no everything’s fine.” and doesn’t apologize for being rude and continues being a bitch. It’s at that time that you end it yourself. “Hey, it looks like you’re preoccupied with something else that’s going on. I completely get that, but when I’m on a date with someone I give them my full, undivided attention. Clearly we’re on different wavelengths here so I’m going to go ahead and get the check now.”

Ball is in your court. You call the shots. You don’t bitch out and instead call her out on her bullshit. You are a man and you do not tolerate inappropriate behavior. When this happens she will lose her shit and her hamster wheel will start spinning out of control trying to rationalize what is going on. This is a test to see if you cave in to her ways. Do not. Hold the line and insist that the date is over. Pay for the food and get out as quickly as possible.



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