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As far as I know, the advice I’m about to share in this post is a Shakedown original. If this was posted elsewhere, then it’s purely coincidental, arriving at the same conclusion independently.

Before I dive in, I want to briefly comment on my posting frequency. I’ve gotten a number of emails asking why I don’t post much anymore. Valid question, certainly. It’s not for lack of interest in posting or lack of time. It’s simply that I have already said a lot of the things I’ve wanted to say in some 200+ posts here in the archive. I don’t want to blog about bullshit and waste people’s time. I’m only going to write something when I have something to say.

As a personal aside, my life is amazing. Finally making six figures. Living in a new, nice apartment. Dating a 21 year old (I’m 27 now).

On to the topic at hand. The use of the ‘Miss’ pronoun. This might seem silly, and perhaps it is. Some background — way back, I read ’50 Shades of Grey’ — the book that women were gushing themselves over. I wanted to know why, so I read it. While the content of the book is awful, it is educational in the greater sense in what turns women on. It speaks to their inner desire to be dominated. And not necessarily in the BDSM manner as the book is about, but dominated by presence.

What do I mean by ‘dominated by presence’? While a woman may not desire to be physically whipped as in the book, she does want you to make her feel those dom/sub emotions while you are in her presence. How this is done is by carrying yourself in a certain way — confidence, obviously — but it is also in your style. Your mannerisms. Your quirks. Your smile. Your speech. Your eyes.

One little mannerism I picked up from Christian Grey (that sounds dumb as I wrote that), the main character of 50 Shades, is that he addresses his woman as ‘Miss Steele’ throughout the book. I thought this was cool and started using the ‘Miss’ pronoun myself. In a world where feminism is raging like wildfire, ‘Miss’ is still kind of old school in a way. And it is unique if you use it as a young person. Here is an excerpt of a text convo I had with the girl I’m dating (also take note of banter). Names changed to protect the innocent.

Me: “very well Miss Smith. Also are you 20 or 21?”

Her: “I’m the good ol 21”

Me: “Yeah so old lol”

Her: “Yeah well I’m nothing compared to you. Can’t you apply for your aarp card soon?” (shit test on me being 6 years older)

Me: “Just got my membership in the mail last week. Retiring to Florida to play golf now” (defeated shit test with agree and amplify. standard stuff here, folks)

Her: “Living the dream. Enjoy the shades”

Me: “Lol good night Miss Smith

Her: “Same to you Mr. Shakedown” (reciprocation from her)

In the above example, I used Miss Smith twice. The key here is that she reciprocated with Mr. Shakedown. In all the girls I’ve dated, the ones that really liked me are the ones that reciprocated and called me Mr.

Of course this is all anecdotal, but I encourage you to give it a shot and see what kind of response you get. And also don’t overuse it. Comes off as try hard. You can actually call her by her first name.

I am curious to hear if anyone else does this. Leave comments below.



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