Welcome to ShakedownLab.com. We are a group of individuals whose goals are to improve our social intuition, work on our mental and physical health, and to generate long lasting friendships and relationships. If you find that you want to better your social skills, share experiences, and learn with like-minded, motivated people, you’ve come to the right place.

You can call me shakedown_st. I created a community, known as a subreddit, within Reddit.com called FAImprovement. This is where we have many of our discussions. I started drastically turning my life around for the better and wanted to create a forum where I can post my progress and have others join in. After four months, the subreddit grew to 460 subscribers, and content started to get difficult to find and navigate. I created this website so that we may keep all of our content in a categorized and easy-to-navigate location.

Many of us considered ourselves “Forever Alone” (hence FAImprovement), but have graduated from that defeatist line of thinking. We are a safe haven for those who want to become better human beings and social creatures. Here, you will find a number of posts about making friends, socializing, how to talk to women, and a wide range of resources that we have found incredibly valuable.

So click around, and of course, subscribe to our subreddit and join the discussion at FAImprovement.



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