May 252014
Elliot Roger was a failed man.

Combine an extremely mentally ill psychopath with raging sexual frustration, lack of personal responsibility, and an unhealthy world view, and you have Elliot Roger. A failed man. He committed mass murder, killing six people and himself. In his wake, he left a number of videos on social media and quite a long manifesto. The core […]

Dec 022012
Tips on starting a self-improvement blog

I received an email from a reader of ShakedownLab and he asked a few questions about starting a blog/website for self-improvement. He teaches some men in the Seattle area. Here are his questions, and my responses. 1-How exactly did you get started? I detail my entire story here. It details how I became involved with self […]

Oct 042012
How I completely transformed my life and mind, and became successful with women and friends in one year

This will be a really long post, so brace yourself. Self post too, so no karma. It’s been a full year. One full year in the making since I started this track for self-improvement. A year ago I was socially clueless and embarrassing with women. I was consistently friend-zoned and felt that women simply weren’t […]


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