Mar 052017
When a girl tells you "I'm mad at you"

It is actually not uncommon for a girl to tell you the phrase “I’m mad at you” — Is she actually mad at you? Maybe. Maybe not. Whether she is genuinely mad at you or not is not important. What is important is how you react to this statement. For a long time, I never reacted […]

Sep 132016
On the Use of the 'Miss' Pronoun

As far as I know, the advice I’m about to share in this post is a Shakedown original. If this was posted elsewhere, then it’s purely coincidental, arriving at the same conclusion independently. Before I dive in, I want to briefly comment on my posting frequency. I’ve gotten a number of emails asking why I […]

May 252014
How to listen to other people tell stories

If I possessed any social skill prior to my self-improvement, it was that I was a polite listener. But for some reason, this absolutely basic social skill eludes many people. People like talking about themselves and they enjoy sharing their stories — especially funny ones. Obviously. Okay, so what? Here’s the problem I’m noticing. Either, […]


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